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Digital Works

We infuse our products with a distinctively deaf worldview. Each design or branding package is imbued with meanings special to the deaf and ASL communities.

Branding Identity

Flowbird offers services ranging from a logo design to developing a branding identity. A brand identity package may include a style guide, custom illustrations, and competition research, The logos shown on right are the projects Flowbird took on in the couple of years.


There are times when illustrations best communicate the essence of an idea or brand. Flowbird illustrations often incorporate American Sign Language or behavior unique to Deaf culture.



ASL Connect

ASL Connect is a Gallaudet University program that provides free ASL classes to families with deaf or hard of hearing children. They wanted to hand out stickers at their booth during an Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) conference. The goals were to catch the conference attendees' eyes then draw them in to interact with the booth.

I provided the clients with four possible concepts and the color one was chosen. They were looking for nonbinary, non-age specific adult making a connection with a baby or a child through ASL, so the final choice was refined further to fit these parameters.

Where to start?

Once you get in touch, I will start the workflow as outlined below. You will always know where things stand at any point. The end goal is for you to be happy with a solution tailored to fit your needs. 

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